Interior Design Sketches

What are interior design sketches? Simply put, they’re sketches that you make of your interior design plans or aspirations. Think of them as visual plans for you and a construction team to work from. Sketches help you see how things are going to look and what will go where. They’re also very effective at bringing out colours and showing you what works well with what. 

When would you use interior design sketches?

Mainly, these sketches are used before any construction or remodelling work takes place. It’s highly common to use them when planning a home extension as they let you plot out the room and visualise what this new space will look like. 

But, they’re also handy when renovating any other room in your home. Whether you’re planning a loft conversion or a kitchen renovation, interior design sketches bring your ideas to life. 

How do you make interior design sketches?

This is where things get interesting as there are two main approaches. Some people like to come up with their own sketches when planning some painting or decorating. Usually, unless you’re particularly talented, these sketches are quite rough. They’re not overly detailed, and you use them for inspiration. By looking at the different sketches you get a sense of what will look best. 

Typically, a proper interior design sketch is carried out by an expert. They will either use regular pencils to draw everything, or they call upon digital technology to make the images clearer and more accurate. Professional interior design sketches are much more than just pictures. They will often include measurements and dimensions, along with grids to show how things are placed and the amount of room that your new furniture might take up, etc. Overall, they’re very detailed and give you a greater understanding of what your new interior developments will look like. 

What are the benefits of interior design sketches?

As mentioned earlier, these sketches are really beneficial if you want to visualise your ideas. When you have thoughts in your hear – or your designer is giving you ideas – then it’s very hard to picture what they’ll actually look like. This is a problem for most people as they think something will look a certain way in their head, but it ends up looking completely different. 

So, interior design sketches let you put those thoughts and images down on paper. A professional sketch gives you an incredible insight into how your renovation will look. You’ll see how the colours work with one another, how much space is left in the room, and much more. Is it a 100% accurate depiction of what your interior space will look like? Of course not, but it does give you more confidence when choosing the designs you want. 

Realistically, if you’re planning any sort of home renovation or DIY project, then you’ll benefit from some interior design sketches. Even if you do them yourself, you’ll see clear advantages of visualising your ideas and seeing them on paper. They can help inspire new thoughts, and they will help you make the right decisions when decorating your home.