Recommended Property Refurbishment Ealing Area

New Line Construction company is a full-fledged refurbishment and building company. We work closely with architects and surveyors and have been able manage both small and large refurbishment projects without any problem. If you’re in Ealing and have been searching for companies doing property refurbishment Ealing and postcodes W5, then look no further! No job is too small or too big – whether it’s just the refurbishment of a house or a building that contains hundreds of rooms over many floors, we will take care of it.


Our experience and expertise is infused with great customer service. We listen to the needs of our clients and as such tailor our refurbishment projects to meet the requirements of each client. This ensures our continuous delivery of projects with the highest standards of quality and service. This is why we are the recommended property refurbishment company of choice in the Ealing area. Our customers are very proud of our work and this had led to a lot of refurbishment referrals. If you’ve used a company in the past, only to discover they never matched their promises with actions, you’re not alone. This is why we are committed to delivering excellent value with every project and to achieve refurbishment finishes that perfectly meets the requirements of every of our client.

At New Line Construction company, we have an expert team of skilled tradesmen and as a result have been able to satisfy clients as large as multinational corporations. Our management team and tradesmen are well experienced with many years of property refurbishment projects under their belt, thereby giving you the peace of mind you need with every project.

About our refurbishment services

  • We offer property refurbishment services to Ealing and surrounding areas.
  • We have flexible hours to suit business times, which makes for minimal disruption during business hours.
  • Health and safety cover is maintained
  • Extensive insurance
  • All our services are in-house, so if you need associated trades by professional tradesmen such as electrical, carpentry or plumbing, we can help.
  • Professional refurbishment service from start to finish. We ensure that extra vigilance is used when cleaning up, so sharp bits and pieces or chemicals that could be harmful are not left behind.


We offer a wide range of high quality, professional property refurbishments for Ealing and surrounding areas, which includes flats, studios, houses, private home owners and property management companies.

We will be with you every step of your refurbishment project. Contact us today for a no obligation quote about your property refurbishment in Ealing. We are looking forward to hear from you. So, get in touch now.