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Builders in Hammersmith Who Are Skilled and Trustworthy

We are a company that specialises in general contractor and builder services and we provide our services to areas such as Hammersmith and its environs. We specialise in the renovation, remodeling, custom and new construction of projects. When the client comes to us, they already have a vision for their specific project; when you consider your unique home, an ordinary builder simply cannot understand the scope of the client’s vision.

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Your project will require the kind of caretaker level service that our elite Hammersmith construction professionals have provided their clients for many years. We have earned a reputation for exceptional craftsmanship; with years of experience in the construction field, our builders are well known far and wide for their attention to detail and top-quality artistry.

We strictly work within the budget that you have given us and within it you will also have gotten a step-by-step breakdown of any and every cost included; we aim to disclose all mysterious prices and hidden costs because we know how much you don’t like them. The price of the services you have received will be worked out after an esteemed member of our team has viewed your property and discussed the client’s plans with them in person. This will involve:

  • All materials used; it can either be an estimate if we will bring materials with us or a precise figure if the client has already bought the materials and wants us to use them instead.
  • All labor: this includes a breakdown of the tasks by area or room.

We give our clients 24-hour online and phone support so they can get in touch with us at any time; this will make it easier to set up a no-obligation home consultation be it night or day. You have many options to contact us and get to know more about the service you require. We are prepared to start on you home improvement project as soon as you are ready.

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Should you choose to work with us, some of the benefits you will get are:

  • You will get to enjoy work that involves a quality guarantee, not to mention technicians who work under a full insurance cover.
  • You will have a customized plan developed to ensure we restrict ourselves to your budgetary limits.
  • You will receive an onsite consultation that will kick off the redecoration plus house repairs service. This is in addition to a budget discussion.
  • Any time you give us a call and talk to a seasoned expert about the project you have planned, we will be available to answer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.