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Efficient Builders and Contractors in Notting Hill

We provide builders in Notting Hill and we specialise in a wide range of refurbishments, renovation, groundwork and even room conversions in the area and neighbouring places.

Our extensive knowledge of the character of the buildings in the area, which often display an air of uniqueness, enables us to combine the high-specification and high-quality requirements that the 21st century has to offer with the conservation and restoration of the buildings’ existing fabric.

Our work in these and other areas involves specialist entertainment and lighting systems, wood flooring, polished concrete, bespoke bathrooms and hand-built kitchens, just to name a few.

Our experience when it comes to integrating the new with the old has provided us with extra expertise in creatively making use of space and generally balancing your basic need for practicality and comfort with the sleek lines of minimalist and modern architecture and interior design.


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We know the importance of working within a time frame and budget provided by the client at hand all the while holding our work to the highest of standards. We believe that the small details are what speak about the quality of the entire project when you consider both the finish and the finance.

We will provide our clients with a copy of their required documents, which contain all the details involving all the subcontractors, the costs and the labour materials, as these documents will be available for accessibility at any time. We can assure you that the detail of our craftsmanship is guaranteed, high in quality and pleasing to the eyes.

If possible, some builders prefer to limit the use of subcontractors so that they can maintain control of the cost and the timing. Where necessary structural engineers and architects who are preferred are called upon for their expertise on the project and wherever it is appropriate, the architect or the team of builders will deal with the local authority planning departments within the area. You can rest assured that our craftsmen, who are highly experienced, all have more than enough years of experience in their areas of expertise.

Should your roof at your business or your home experience any damages, we also offer complete roofing repair as well as roofing services.

We give our estimates out for every job you bring to our table plus we have a staff, which is more than happy to help you with any element of planning, or designing your project and this involves assistance with proposals to design counselling.

We take customer satisfaction very seriously, we tailor all our services in accordance with individual projects, and our experience includes an extensive amount of construction services.

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