A good bathroom is not only somewhere to get clean but also somewhere to dream. Our attention to detail and quality finish will give you a place you want to be and either prepare for the day ahead or unwind once its all over.

What you need to know before embarking on a bathroom renovation

The bathroom is an essential part of the home and giving it a facelift can increase your home’s value considerably. Newline construction offers its services for your bathroom renovation or rebuilding requirements to give you the perfect bathroom for your home.

Before deciding on a bathroom renovation project, you need to consider what it will cost you, especially when choosing amenities, features, and styles. The cost will vary based on the labor costs, materials used, and the size of the bathroom. You should expect to pay a bit more particularly if you are:

–    Replacing all the floor and wall tiles

–    Shifting the plumbing from one section to another

–    Putting in features that require extra plumbing work

–    Conducting structural work or

–    Considering an entire renovation of the room

Make sure you do your part when researching any cost assessments before planning fr the bathroom renovation so you can proceed to get quotations from specialists for a figure that is more precise.

Based on the measure of your project, the bathroom renovation will obviously take some time so you should give an allowance of roughly 1-3 weeks of labor. Some factors can affect the time frame and they include:

–    Structural work

–    Movement of electrical and plumbing elements

–    Laying of large amounts of tiles

–    Unexpected events like the discovery of asbestos in the floor or wall cavity.

The phase of the renovation involving research, outlining, and designing will need about 6-8 weeks which include:

–    Time for design development

–    Selection o fittings and materials

–    Attaining quotes from various businesses

The Newline construction team comprises of a broad spectrum of professionals each proficient in a specific field and relevant to your bathroom renovation project. Our bathroom builders will run and manage the project accordingly on the client’s behalf. They usually have all trades on their staff to cover various elements of the job and if not they will organize sub-contractors which will take the inconvenience out of the renovation job.

Most aspects of bathroom renovation require a licensed contractor such as tiling and plumbing. If you are renovating your entire bathroom, you will need a licensed builder as some states require licensing for kitchen and bathroom renovations.

You need to make sure the contractor you hire is right for the job by asking them the following questions:

–    Are you certified or licensed?

–    Is your work insured?

–    How long will the project take?

–    Can you offer a written quote?

–    Do you have any references I can follow up with?

–    Can I see some of your previous projects?