About Us

New Line
Construction LTD

We work with you to help you plan the home you are looking for and then select the best specialist tradesmen from our pan-European team to ensure you get the final finish you are looking for, tailored to your individual needs & budget.

New Line Construction LTD

We believe if you do it well you will do it once and that the majority of the finish comes in the preparation.

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Project management

We will carefully project manage the work with you to ensure minimum disruption to your family whether you are “living in” during the work or allowing us to take over the house whilst we carry out the work.

Quotes & guarantee

Our quotes will always represent the full cost of the work you brief. We believe it is our job to manage the risks of unforeseen situations and you should never have “nasty surprises”. We will always strive to highlight any potential problems before contracts are signed and will not take on work we are not briefed to do without full agreement.

Experienced & insured

Having worked in many luxury houses & flats in London we are used to working around our clients needs. We will ensure everything is protected from the impact of our work before we start and will arrange for a deep clean of your house before we hand back your keys so that you can get on with enjoying your new space.

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